Founded by athletes

Neat was founded in the U.K. by former GB swimmers, Lee & Charlie.

Their goal: a protein powder that tasted great and wasn’t complicated.

Neat was born and with it, a commitment to supporting every lifestyle with great products and additional advice and support.

Our promise to you

  • Simplicity

    High quality products you can trust, with full provenance.

  • Education

    Support and advice with no added confusion, just added value.

  • Involvement

    A community of amazing people doing life-enhancing things.

We understand that you want the best

When developing our products we took things back to basics, because simple is best.

We created products that were easy to understand, great tasting and natural.

  • From British countryside

    Our proteins are from grass fed cows and home grown crops.

  • To the manufacturer

    Production in East Anglia, where our blends come to life.

  • Finishing in your kitchen

    Our delicious protein is delivered for you to drink or cook with.

We keep our production pretty simple...

Want to know more about how our blends come to life? 

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