Neat Rewards Program

Earn points through your subscriptions and redeem on products, exclusive discounts and much more. It pays to be loyal!

How it Works

  • Create an account

    and join Neat Rewards

  • Earn Neat Points

    follow, share or purchase Neat Nutrition

  • Unlock Rewards

    receive exclusive Neat perks

  • redeem your neat points

    for real dollars towards purchases

How to Earn Neat Points

  • Create An Account100 Points

  • Follow on instagram50 Points

  • Follow On Twitter50 Points

  • Share On Twitter150 Points

  • Share on Facebook150 Points

  • Spend $250 on Subscriptions1000 Points

  • Refer A Friend$10 this August!

  • Celebrate Your Birthday150 Points

Super Neat Milestones

At each milestone you earn real dollars to use towards discounted Neat products.

  • $1100 points
  • $5500 points
  • $101,000 points
  • $202,000 points

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