Chocolate Nut Butter Squares

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Move over Reese's, there's a new treat in town! We're firm believers that no dessert combo can ever beat chocolate and nut butter, and these bitesized squares are great proof of that. The filling is soft, gooey and sweet yet salty thanks to the nut butter and maple syrup, and is perfectly paired with the silky smooth chocolate topping. 

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Combine all your ingredients except for chocolate in a food processor (or by hand!). 

Once well mixed, press this into a greased baking pan so that the mixture is about an inch and a half thick. Once you've done this, melt your chocolate - either in a bowl over a pan of boiling water, or carefully in the microwave, until silky smooth!

Pour/spread this over the nut butter filling before placing this in your freezer for an hour. Once set, store your treats in the refrigerator. 

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