Your Guide To Starting A Side Hustle

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Whether you call it side hustling or creating a portfolio career, the popularity of working on a side project or business outside of your day job is growing increasingly popular. Some may want to increase their incomes, others might want to spend time working on a passion or try out freelancing on the side before taking the plunge... and we thought there's no better time to talk about this than during goal setting month! 

So, if you're interesting in starting a successful side hustle, here’s everything you need to know before you get started...

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Finding it tricky to choose something to work on? If you’ve got multiple skills & passions, it can be hard to narrow these down to just one. So, it's time to evaluate! Write a list of the things you'd love to gain, and what you'd most like to spend time working on. Of course, side hustling can be just a fun project, but is there something you love that you can monetise too?



Dedicate Time To It 

When you’re already putting in the hours at your day job Monday - Friday, working outside of office hours can seem like too much. Which is why it's important to set strict but realistic boundaries, and to prioritise your side hustle. To start off, try dedicating one evening a week and Sunday afternoons to your project. That'll give you enough consistent time to get started, without meaning you're working all the time. Make sure it's non-negotiable - put it in your calendar and stick to the schedule no matter what comes up! 


Keep Yourself Accountable

The challenge with starting something for yourself is that there's no manager there to keep you accountable. No-one will tell you off for not turning up to work. Try to set yourself deadlines and maybe even ask a friend to check in on you to make sure you're still on schedule - just a quick call will help you to focus and swerve dreaded procrastination. 


Schedule Free Time Too 

Remember: you're only human! No matter how passionate you are about your new project, you still need to take time off. Make sure to fit in time to see loved ones or to chill out is key to avoid burn out. If you want this to be a sustainable way of living and working, you need to make sure you still have a life outside of work too! 


Don’t Forget Your Full Time Job

Don't run before you can walk. Your side hustle needs to stay just that - on the side - until it's paying your bills and you can quit your job! No matter how fun it is, put your full-time job first and don't work on side projects during normal working hours. The more trust and respect you earn now, the more flexible your employer is likely to be in the future when things start to pick up... 


Re-frame “Me Time” 

When it comes to picking a side hustle, choose something you genuinely enjoy doing, so that it feels like me-time. We're not saying it's going to be all fun and games 100% of the time, but if it's a project you really love, it'll become more fun and less like another few hours of work piled on to your busy schedule. So turning down after work drinks or missing out on that new tv series won't seem like such a chore! 

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