The Ultimate Guide To Plant Based Proteins

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Thought vegan proteins were just for plant-based eaters? Think again! They’re also great for those who tend to suffer from food intolerances as they can be easier to digest thanks to their hypoallergenic properties. If you prefer to swerve dairy due to environmental, health or simply taste preferences, then luckily for you the market for alternative protein powders is growing massively! 

Vegan Protein Powder Blends | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

Many of the vegan proteins on the market are created from one protein source, likely to be soy, hemp, rice or pea. Here at Neat, we choose to use a mix of pea and hemp to create our bespoke vegan protein blend. Why? Well hemp protein has a comprehensive blend of the essential amino acids your body needs, but is a little low in lysine. This is an amino acid that you could struggle to consume enough of as a vegan, but is crucial for injury recovery, hormone production, building muscles and a whole host of other things. On the other hand, pea protein is closest to a whole food source of protein and is high in lysine. Blending these two together makes sure that you're getting every amino acid you need in good quantities. 

We source both of these from home grown crops in the great British countryside, meaning that you're guaranteed to be getting a premium quality product that tastes pretty great too! 


But how exactly is it made? Here' the lowdown... 


Peas are reduced to a flour, and hemp seeds are removed from their shells. 


Making cakes

The oil is taken away from the hemp, so it forms a "cake". The pea flour is then purified. 


All about the base

The hemp cake is then reunited with it's outer shell & the pea flour is dried to make it into a powder. 


Add some flavour 

This then heads to East Anglia where it is mixed together and a couple of natural flavours are added to give you the vanilla and chocolate protein powders you know and love! 


Making it handy

This is then packaged up into handy, single-serve sachets for you to enjoy from home, ready to be shaken up, blended or baked into your favourite Neat refuel. 


Need some inspiration in the kitchen? 

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