The Healthy Habits To Learn From Your Vacation

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Despite leaving your nutritious shakes and well-rounded workout regime at home when you jet off on vacation, do you sometimes come home feeling healthier than ever? You might be surprised to hear that there are actually some pretty great health benefits you can gain taking a break. Here are some of the healthy habits you should be bringing back home and incorporating into your everyday life to keep that post-vacation glow all year around...

The Healthy Habits You Can LEARN From Your Holiday | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


Without the stresses and endless commitments that come with normal life, getting the quality sleep your body so desperately needs is so much more achievable on vacation, and that elusive 8-9 hours is suddenly not so elusive! When you get back home, remember how great you felt after a proper night's sleep and try to keep it as a priority - sometimes that early morning workout class isn't worth it after all... 


Enjoyment & Stress Management 

Vacations are a rare time where stress is minimal and your first priority is pure enjoyment. Whilst taking regular breaks throughout the year is a great idea to help prevent burn out or mounting stress, try to incorporate this attitude back in your daily life.

It's not too hard to take just half an hour every day to do something fun. That might be reading a book before bed, or fitting in your favourite workout. The more enjoyment you can get from your day to day life, the more it'll boost your overall wellness.


Relaxing Your Diet

It's easy to get into a rut of eating the same meals, day in, day out. With new and exciting things to try on vacation, you’ll likely be adding more variety into your usual diet – meaning you’ll get a fuller range of vitamins and minerals. Hot weather trips are likely to have you craving fruit, salad, and other fresh foods, but don’t be afraid to indulge in dessert either - it's all about eating intuitively. 


Moving How You Want To

Similarly, it can be easy to get trapped in a cycle of doing the workouts that you think you need to do, rather than simply moving in a way you enjoy. Vacations are a great time to change things up. Fancy a few lengths before breakfasts, or a cycle around when you’re starting to get restless? Staying active doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.


Vitamin D

If you're not lucky enough to live in a sun-soaked state or spend most of your time in an office, then you're unlikely to be getting enough sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial for so many things, including the health of our bones and teeth, our immune systems and cardiovascular health too. Soak up those rays whilst you can, and maybe introduce a good supplement when you get back home… 

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