Your Guide To Surviving Festival Season

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Coachella has already been and gone, meaning festival season is well and truly here! For most, music festivals are all about endless burgers, beers and terrible shapes thrown in the middle of the crowds until the early hours of the morning. So for those used to early spin classes, nutritionally balanced meals and a technology-free 10 pm bedtime, a weekend-long music festival can be quite a shock to the system. Though festival season is first and foremost for enjoying yourself - hangovers and all - we're here to make sure you don't feel too rough 3 days in...  

So, here are 6 of our favourite tips to keep you feeling somewhat healthy during festival season - we promise you'll still having the time of your life by Sunday evening!

Tips For Staying Healthy at A Festival | Neat Nutrition US. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Get Organised 

Rule number 1 for staying semi-healthy at a festival is to be prepared. Bring healthier snacks like peanut butter, protein powder sachets, protein balls or granola bars. Getting in some goodness will help to keep your energy levels up when you start flagging late afternoon - but do check the festival's guidelines online before you get there... no one wants their peanut butter confiscated by security because it's in a glass jar! 


Start Strong

Breakfast might not always be the most important meal of the day, but at a festival it's the best way to start the day strong. You'll likely be hitting up the food trucks (and the bar) later in the day, so wake yourself up with a nourishing and filling breakfast. It doesn't have to be anything complicated - just a piece of fruit, a whey or vegan protein shake and a mug of soaked oats will go down well. Grab a bottle of coconut water if you have a hangover you're struggling to shake off! 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

We're big advocates that hydration is pretty much the key to everything in life! It makes you feel less tired, more energised and generally a whole lot healthier! At festivals you're likely to spend a lot of time in hot, sweaty environments, drinking a lot of alcohol - which is a recipe for serious dehydration! We know you want to avoid going to the bathroom too many times, but keeping yourself topped up with water will help you avoid a killer headache hitting you the following morning. 


Move To The Beat

Sure, you'll be missing your usual weekend workouts, but you'll be clocking up a lot of miles by just walking all over the festival grounds! Go with the flow, and swap your usual Saturday cardio class for busting out your best moves in the crowd - that's your sweaty weekend workout sorted. 


Recharge With A Power Nap

As much as you might like to, you can't do everything without burning out. If you want to make the most out of the best bits of the weekend,  try to get in a quick nap when things get quiet. You can't survive on 3 hours sleep and still expect to be having a good time! 


Take It Back To Basics 

Whilst these tips are great and will make you feel a little bit more like yourself, the most important thing is looking after the basics. That means wearing plenty of sunscreen in the baking heat, washing your hands regularly and keeping sanitiser at hand to avoid all those festival germs. Try to steer clear of any sketchy looking food trucks too; the lack of line might be tempting, but there's probably a reason no-one else is visiting... 

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