Supplements Specific For Your Sport: Tennis

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We've always championed individual nutrition, which means taking into account your chosen sport, activities & lifestyle when deciding what supplements will be best for you. For regular tennis players, here are some of the key areas of nutrition and the supplements you should consider to perform at your best... 

What Are The Best Supplements For Tennis Players? | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Tennis is a pretty full on workout. Even if you're not playing at a competitive level, it’s an intense, full body activity. This means you’ll putting stress on your whole body - so it's crucial to prioritise your recovery to perform well and stay injury-free! 

Depending on your size & the intensity, an hour of tennis will burn around 450 calories. So, fuelling up before is key before a match to give you the energy you need. Tight on time? Try a banana-based protein smoothie for a satiating boost. Post-workout, have a protein shake on hand & simply mix with water after you play to repair your muscles, fast. A whey-based shake is great, as it will reach your muscles in about 30 minutes. 

Stay sharp & well hydrated by taking in plenty of water before, during and after your tennis game. Coconut water is a great alternative to sugar-filled sports drinks, as it's full of electrolytes - replacing what you've sweated out during a tough game! 

Good nutrition is also key to protect your joints in the long-run. The repetitive actions in a game of tennis can produce a lot of "wear and tear" injuries - like tennis elbow! If you're susceptible to joint pain or just want to super-proof your body, supplement with magnesium, or a good multi-vitamin that includes zinc, calcium and magnesium. This will help reduce joint inflammation, aid recovery and repair after workouts and improve the overall health of joints and bones.

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