Stay Healthy This Summer With These Convenient Hacks

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Staying healthy in summer is no easy feat. Social plans are flowing and most of us are yearning for a few beers and a burger in the sun over a gym session and a meal prepped Tupperware box. If the summer madness is already getting the better of you, here’s five hacks that will help staying healthy as convenient as possible - get your smug face at the ready… 

Hacks To Stay Healthy This Summer | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You. 

Freeze your fruit

Protein oatmeal is out and smoothie bowls are in! Make breakfasts a breeze by filling up the freezer with frozen berries, bananas and tropical fruits so you can whip up an ice cool smoothie bowl or shake in seconds!


Make our lemon and coconut protein balls

Healthy summer snacking doesn’t get easier, tastier or more tropical than our ! Whip up a batch on the weekend and pop a couple in your bag everyday so you're ready to fuel up whenever your energy needs a boost. 


Take your workout outside

No-one wants to sweat it out inside whilst everyone else is out enjoying the sunshine! Instead of being that solo, glum-looking person at the gym, take the opportunity to mix up your training regime and take your workouts outdoors. Need some inspiration? Try our 4-week outdoor fitness plan to build lean muscle this summer.


Train early

But if you’re heading outside, make sure to get your workout in early! The light, sunny mornings will make it easier to crawl out of bed, and you’ll be relieved to get it done before the midday heat really sets in. It also means there’s less chance of skipping your workout when all your friends are hitting up a rooftop bar...


Keep aloe vera in the refrigerator

Spent a little too long out in the sun? For the ultimate summer cool down, keep a bottle of aloe vera in the refrigerator so it’s ready and waiting to soothe red or sensitive skin. 


Need a convenient post workout refuel that you can pop in your bag during busy days out in the sun? We’ve got you…

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