Stay Active On Vacation Without Working Out

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Vacations are all about taking a break from your usual, unrelenting work schedule and workout regime. It's precious time we don't get enough of in life, so when you do get to actually switch off and relax, you've got to take advantage! But just because you're passing on your usual 6am spin class or late night session in the gym, doesn't mean you need to lie horizontally on a sun lounger from dawn till dusk. 

Keep moving and avoid going stir-crazy whilst still getting the most out of your break with these awesome ways to get active on vacation (without actually working out)!

Stay Active On Vacation Without Working Out | Neat Nutrition US. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.  

Explore On Foot 

Exploring a new travel destination is always best on foot - whether that involves hiking up to a look out point over the Caribbean sea or wandering the streets of an old Italian town. Maybe head off in search of a hidden beach for a secluded view of the sunset and a cocktail or two - that's what vacations are for right? 


Rent A Bike 

If you want to reach sights a little further afield, pass on the taxi service and rent some bikes from your hotel instead. It's a great low-intensity workout (depending on how many hills there are!), without needing to be anywhere near a stuffy gym. Rally the troops and go off in search of some epic views and a good feed! 


Get Swimming 

Laying in the sun is hot and sweaty work, so you've got to reward yourself with a dip in the ocean or pool. Get in a few lengths every time you need to cool down. If you're feeling like an over-achiever, try and do 50 lengths before crawling back into the sun - it's a tough life for some... 


Let The Games Begin 

There's nothing like a game of volleyball or beach football to make or break a vacation! All jokes about group competitiveness aside, persuading your friends or family to get involved in some beach or pool games is a great way to work up a sweat. If you're anything like us, there's only so long you can lie in the sun without some form of entertainment after all. 

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