Squeeze In 10 Minutes Of You Time However Busy You Are

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10 minutes can be gone in a flash, but on a hectic day, finding even this little time to relax and unwind can feel like the impossible. We'd love to tell you to spend an hour doing something for you every day, but for many this is simply unrealistic! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't prioritise self-care, so here’s our top tips on squeezing at least 10 minutes of you-time into your day…

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Start With A Good Breakfast

For us, nothing kickstarts the day on a positive note quite like a delicious breakfast. Instead of throwing cereal down your neck as you check emails and get ready for the day, take a moment to whip up a treat. You only need 10 minutes to enjoy an epic stack of our easy breezy protein pancakes, and you'll know you've taken some time for you before everyone starts asking for favours!


Take Advantage Of A Coffee Break?

It's not a hard task to lose 10 minutes of time procrastinating at the office coffee machine, so try to skip the small talk and take the time to actually sit down and catch up on your favourite blog or news sites. It'll be a great break for your brain, without meaning you lose a tonne of time away from your emails.


Use Your Commute

How many times have you sat on the train to work just staring into space?Take advantage of an unavoidable window of time where you likely don't have signal to answer emails or texts. Grab a novel, plug into a good podcast or relax with a chill-out playlist. It'll be so much more enjoyable than getting angry at fellow commuters or thinking about how tired you are... 


Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

15 minutes won't make a dramatic difference on how tired you feel, but will give you more time to do a little self-care. Instead of rushing around to get out the door on time, you can squeeze in a morning stretch, a 10-minute HIIT workout or just take the time to drink your coffee in peace - the perfect moment of calm before the day's madness begins. 


Get Outside

Even if you don't normally take a full lunch break, it's important to leave your desk. In fact, it's been shown to make you MORE productive in the afternoon, as you come back feeling rested and rejuvenated for the second part of the day. Even just head somewhere 10 minutes away to grab lunch, so you can at least get a nice walk outside and a moment to think about something other than your to do list. 


Take 10 Before Bed

Not convinced by getting up earlier? Spare a few minutes before bed instead. Once the day is done, we love taking the time to stretch, journal or just take a deep breath to reset after a manic day. It's a little switch that could make a huge difference to your mental health. 


Stop Scrolling

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you've lost to scrolling on your phone? For so many of us, this is a big cause of wasted time. Limit mindless scrolling on Instagram and try to set strict boundaries and time windows for checking both social media and your emails. You'll be amazed at how much free time you'll suddenly find. 


Schedule It In 

Make you-time something non-negotiable, the same as turning up to your morning meeting or attending an appointment. When you're too flexible with your schedule, you're less likely to prioritise self-care - don't let yourself get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list! 


When Doing So, Be Specific

Another handy tip is to get specific. Are you going to spend 15 minutes doing a yoga flow at home, or catch up on your book? When it’s an actual activity you need to do rather than general "me-time" it’s a lot harder to bail on it. 


Learn To Say No

If you don't feel you have enough hours in the day, learning the skill of saying no is key. Sure, you have to do some things in life that you don't want to do, but if you're always doing favours or agreeing to plans you're dreading, you're losing a lot of you-time. Flex your ability to say no, and remember it's not rude - you're just prioritising your own needs.  


Let Go Of Control

Getting to the end of your to-do list every day is often an impossible task. When life spirals out of control, there comes a point where you just need to accept that there wasn't enough hours in the day. You sanity is more important than sending those last few emails after 9pm. They can wait till morning, so you can have a few minutes to focus on yourself!

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