Reach Your Fitness Goals No Matter How Busy You Are

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When life gets hectic, fitness is often one of the first things to slip. But a busy lifestyle shouldn't stop you from reaching your goals! We've asked Neat pal Korin Nolan, co-founder of Dynamic Pilates TV, to share her top tips on doing just that... 

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One of the most common phrases I hear as a fitness instructor is: "I just don’t have enough time to exercise." 

And believe me I’m not one of those trainers who rolls their eyes at this comment - I get it! I honestly do, because I’ve said that phrase myself several times about other stuff! However, the much more truthful phrase should be: "I don’t prioritise fitness enough, to make enough time for it."

No matter how busy you are, whether you're a city worker, a mum, or a carer, we all naturally make time for the things that really matter to us. Yes, it may be tricky, but if we really want to, we find a way. 

So, perhaps it’s more a question of getting to that stage of making fitness a priority? Well the good news is (and I know this as a self- confessed fitness addict) that fitness is indeed addictive. Not only for its physical benefits, but more than anything, how it improves your mental state. Thus in turn making you better at all the other things in life you state as being more important.  

So, how do you get into the groove, set goals and MAKE the time? 

Ok, listen up, I’m a busy mum of three, I run two businesses and I exercise on average 5 -6 times a week. Yes, as a Pilates instructor it’s a little easier, BUT I also go to the regular gym at least 3 times a week, which isn’t part of my job, because I enjoy it, it makes me feel good and I’ve made it part of my life. 

I wouldn’t say my workouts are extreme, in fact I try to do what I’ve got to get done in a relatively short space of time. So, either I’ll do a Pilates class which usually involves filming for Dynamic Pilates TV and then I’ll go to the gym the other days, usually just for 30 minutes or so. 

So, here are my 5 top tips for setting fitness goals and keeping them!


1. Find something you actually enjoy doing, that’s half the battle. If you really hate going to the gym then you’ll never succeed. It may be that you need a great trainer to help you see the light, or it may be that you prefer outdoor sports, or perhaps a specialized class like reformer Pilates. 


2. Make an appointment with yourself! Book your workouts in your diary and stick to them like you would do any other appointment. If it means getting up earlier or missing an extra half an hour in front of the tv, then so be it. 


3. Eat a nutritious diet. Food and fitness go hand in hand and one will spur you on to do the other. I’m not taking about going on a diet, just eating WELL! Good proteins, healthy carbs, lots of fresh veggies. There’s no point training hard, only to go and eat a bag of sweets after! If you start seeing results in your body; strength, change of shape etc. (which will be enhanced with a healthy, nutritious diet) then you will be more motivated to continue. 


4. Stick to shorter workouts. It’s much easier to convince yourself to start a workout when you know it’s only going to take half an hour! If you’re doing the RIGHT kind of exercise, you don’t always need that long. It’s more about consistency than lengthy workouts. 


5. Make fitness a social thing. Whether that means roping in your mates or getting the whole family involved! You don’t even have to work out together, but actually going together or all meeting up after for brunch, lunch or dinner, naturally makes it a social activity that becomes more of a pleasure than a chore! 

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