Protein Shakes or Wholefoods: Which Is Better?

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Supplements are called supplements for a reason, and it's important that protein shakes support the rest of your balanced diet, rather than being your main source of nutrition. Nutrient dense meals full of various fruits and vegetables are crucial to make sure you're getting everything you need to function well. If you do a lot of exercise then this is even more essential, as your body needs extra fuel to make sure you're recovering properly post workout.

Is A Protein Shake Better Than Eating Whole Foods? | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

However, modern life is often pretty hectic and eating 3 nutrient-dense meals can be a lot harder than it might seem! Back to back meetings, lengthy commutes and squeezing in workouts in between time with family and friends can make nutrition a challenge. On days when you just don't have time to eat, a high-quality protein shake will provide you with more energy than grabbing a doughnut mid-meeting. A sustainable healthy lifestyle is all about realism after all. 

If you do have the time and access to get to a blender, then throw in some fruit and veggies with your protein powder for a more sustained energy boost. A simple smoothie is one of our favourite on-the-go breakfasts when we just don't have time to sit down and eat. 

When it comes to post workout nutrition, shakes are the clear winner. Why? Protein shakes tend to be lower in fat and therefore digest much more quickly and easily. Your muscles need protein to repair - and therefore grow - after exercise, so grabbing a shake is the perfect way to get protein to your muscles, stat. 

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