The Big Benefits Of Taking A Protein Supplement Whilst Travelling

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No matter how many times we've resolved to stay healthy whilst travelling - hitting the hotel gym and swerving those tempting breakfast buffet treats - it's rare that this actually goes to plan. When jetlag hits, working out is often the last thing we want to do, especially when it's paired with a jam-packed work schedule or finally having the opportunity to relax and unwind during rare vacation time... 

Protein Shakes and Travel: Is There Any Point? | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

When this happens, remembering to take a protein shake may seem a little pointless, which is why it's so important to remember that there are many more benefits to eating a high-protein diet than just muscle recovery post-workout... 

During periods of travel, our diets tend to fall out of line. Temptation is rife, and we're often persuaded into post-work beers, followed by nosediving into the breakfast buffet the following morning. Even when we try to make well-informed choices, the simple fact of needing to eat more meals out and grabbing quick convenience foods often means that we don’t take in as much protein as normal. 

You need to make sure you're fuelling your body to meet the demands of your trip; no matter whether you're working hard or just playing hard! Keep your energy and hunger levels stable by choosing a quick protein shake over a carb-heavy treat mid-afternoon. 

Luckily for you, our single serve sachets are designed for convenience and travel. They'll fit easily into your suitcase or work bag, meaning you'll always be ready to fuel up wherever you are in the world.

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