Tiffany Crosswhite Burke: From Childhood Struggles To Pilates Studio Owner

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From a young child struggling with mental health issues to a Pilates studio owner & the co-founder of online streaming platform, Dynamic Pilates TV, Tiffany shares her story of how she used exercise to overcome early challenges... 

October is Mental Health Awareness Month. Because of this, I wanted to share my story and struggles. As a society we need to talk about mental health more. Every year, 1 out of 5 adults experience mental health issues. Sharing personal mental health experiences such as mine could potentially help people to know that they are not alone. 

My experiences were better than they might have been because of physical activity and achievement. This early path led directly to what I do today as a Pilates instructor. 

Since the age of 7 I have dealt with Dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Growing up with a learning disability is hard but to be honest, I am who I am today because of the obstacles I have had to overcome. School was never easy for me. Learning to read and struggling with comprehension were my biggest challenges. I developed a stutter due to the anxiety of the other children making fun of me. I hated school, and it was a daily struggle. Many children who suffer from ADHD grow up with low self esteem and struggle with depression throughout their adulthood. However, I was extremely lucky not to fall into this statistic. My parents knew it was important all children experience success in order to develop a healthy sense of self esteem; even if that success was not in the classroom. They helped me to find that success in figure skating.

Whenever I wasn’t in the classroom, I was on the ice - I was a completely different child on the ice. Skating helped me to grow up without medications. Most children suffering from ADHD are labeled as “naughty or difficult” kids in the classroom. But because I skated every weekday for 3-4 hours before school I was too tired to misbehave. It was most likely the exercise that helped give me some mental clarity. 

In retrospect I am thankful for my struggles as a child, but many children are not as lucky. 2 out of 3 children diagnosed with ADHD struggle in their adulthood with self esteem related issues. That is a huge number. My saviour was skating. Skating provided me with a path outside of the classroom that lead me to career as a professional figure skater. Every child has a gift and deserves to experience success whether that might be in the classroom, on a theatrical stage, athletic field or in my case at the ice rink. 

That physical activity has continued to help me through into my adult life. Looking to rehabilitate skating injuries, I got into Pilates and fell in love with it. I became a Pilates instructor and have seen the health benefits of exercise in the lives of my clients. Getting an exercise program you love is easier than ever these days with lots of online options to do from home, on your schedule. So give yourself a boost and make it a goal you want to improve during Mental Awareness Month... and for the rest of the year!

About the author: Tiffany is the owner of Pilates studio, Studio Core Pilates, and the co-owner of Pilates streaming website, Dynamic Pilates TV. 

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