Nutrition Goals That Aren't Based On Weight Loss!

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We want to be here to support your lifestyle goals, whatever they might be. For some, eating healthier is all about looking leaner or building impressive muscle. But improving your nutrition has so many more benefits than just that! If you want to sleep better, feel more energised or future proof your body against sickness, here's some awesome healthy eating goals you can set this September. Whatever you choose, we hope the benefits you start to feel will be much more motivating than how many inches you've lost or gained... 

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Reduce Your Meat Intake

Make meat free Monday’s a thing! Or try eating a plant based diet during the week, with flexibility at the weekends. Find motivation in not only fuelling your body with more nourishing plants, but that you're also doing a good deed for the planet too. Still want to make sure you reach your protein needs? Supplement with a vegan protein powder to make sure you don't fall short. 


Increase Your Veg Consumption

We always like to focus on adding things to our diets, and not just taking things away. So how about trying to increase how many portions of fruit and veg you eat by 2 portions a day? Focus on trying to eat a rainbow, to make sure you’re getting a variety of the different vitamins and minerals your body needs. 


Drink More Water

Water, water water - if we didn't already sound like a broken record, we do now! But if you’re looking for one small change you can make to improve your health, drinking more water is it. It'll have an amazing effect on your skin, digestion, energy, and just about everything else! Make a large reusable water bottle your new best friend and try to get through at least 4 bottles a day.


Skip The Soda

You could have worse vices than your daily diet soda habit, right? Sure, but both diet and full fat sodas are not giving you any nutritional value, and the sugars or artificial sweeteners can trigger insulin secretion. Plus, there's the excess caffeine, which can lead to your energy levels spiking and falling too quickly. And that’s all before we've even mention their effect on your pearly white teeth! If you’re craving something with a little fizz, we recommend opting for a kombucha or a flavoured sparkling water instead. 


Snack Healthier

Many of us manage to fill our breakfast, lunch and dinner plates with healthy, nourishing foods, but often snacking is a major downfall. One great way to boost your overall wellbeing is to snack a little smarter. Swap your chocolate habit for a chocolate protein ball, or grab some veggie sticks and hummus for something with a savoury crunch. 


Start Strong

Overhauling your whole diet overnight is a terrifying thought. So how about starting with one meal a day? Commit to eating a good breakfast that will help you kickstart your morning, full of energy. The options are endless – whether you've got time to whip up avocado toast & eggs, or need an on the go smoothie, or overnight oats at your desk. 


Meal Prep Is King 

Meal prepping is great for many reasons - it saves you money, helps you avoid excessive plastic packaging and will help you fuel your body with more of the good stuff. You don't need to be perfect, just aim to prep 3-4 of your breakfasts and lunches during the week... easy! 


Go Booze Free

Booze is the culprit for many ailments, from poor sleep to serious disease. Now we're not trying to spoil ALL your fun, so if going sober for October seems a bit too extreme, how about committing to going booze-free on weeknights instead? Small changes like this are much more likely to stick in the long run! 


Improve Your Culinary Skills

Want to diversify the foods you're eating and improve your skills in the kitchen? Hoe about setting yourself the goal of making at least one new dish every week. Make the kitchen a place of fun again, and get creative by using different vegetables and cooking techniques.  


Refuel Well

How about switching your weight loss goals to something more focused around recovery instead? Instead of stressing about calories, just focus on eating plenty of high quality protein and carbs post workout to make sure your body has everything it needs to recover well and perform at it's best! Need something easy that you can glug on the go? Just shake up your favourite Neat protein sachet with oat milk - simple! 

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