Mindful Mondays: In Motion

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Whatever your favourite sport or wellness pursuit, you will benefit from being mindful of the messages your body sends you when you're moving. When we truly listen to our bodies and choose to pay attention, we learn to trust that our bodies know best.

Paying attention to tightness and showing your body respect, prevents injury and offers a healing kindness to yourself. I work with many elite athletes whose performance is hugely attuned to their mindful attention of their condition. Every day they run a mindfulness technique, the body scan, which is useful for us all and so easy to do. 


Mindful Movement | Neat Nutrition US. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


The Mindful Workout

Combine working your mindset in harmony with your workout, and take the chance to train your senses as well as your body.

  • Check in with your emotions and body signals before you start
  • Ask yourself what your core value is for working out - why are you choosing to move? 
  • Pay attention to your breath and posture
  • Ask yourself how you can improve your flow, stride or rythym?


Mindful Fact

We know from research that over 8 weeks, a more mindful movement can improve efficiency, prevent injury and boost the perceived performance and wellbeing benefits. 

Becoming naturally more aware of temperature, heart rate and breath prompts neurological changes and improves focus.... which is a mindful practice in itself. When preparing for your chosen sport or fitness challenge, a daily 'practice' of mindfulness and focus is just as important as working on the technical movement. 


This blog was written by Neat Ambassador Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, The Mindcoach. Find her online at mindtonictherapy.com or on Instagram and Twitter.

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