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Get to know our US Neat Ambassador, Casey Anderson, the CoCreator and Coach at CrossFit Las Olas. From how she got started in fitness, to her favourite shake recipe and quick, 30 minute workout…

Casey Anderson Neat Ambassador US | Neat Nutrition US. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Favourite Neat Nutrition Product: Chocolate or Vanilla Vegan Protein

How did you get started in health and fitness?

I’ve always been an “athletic” person but was never particularly good at anything aside from riding horses, which isn’t exactly a super accessible sport. As I outgrew that, my competitive spirit and love for the ocean funnelled me towards competitive surfing which again, haha I was terrible at. Ultimately my love for activity and challenge morphed into CrossFit when Lee (Neat Founder) guilted me into signing up for a trial.  

What’s your ‘Day on a Plate’? (e.g. what do you eat on a typical day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, Neat supplements)

Breakfast: Black coffee with a vegan blueberry scone from Whole Foods. I could, and usually do, eat this every day.

Lunch: Pretty much 4 times a week I have black beans, tempeh, and rice. I don’t know why: it’s easy and good, and packs a nice nutritious punch.

Dinner: Depends on the mood, this will sound terrible but I eat a lot of vegan pizza. I love sautéed broccoli rabe on top with “sausage”. If you want to get me to go out with you somewhere… offer me pizza!

I also supplement smoothies pretty often.

If you weren't in this job, what would you be doing?

Adventuring somewhere, attempting to live off the grid probably and surf as often as possible. That’s also what I’m working towards. I like the job title “adventurist” so maybe figuring out what that means.

Where do you do your weekly shop?

I’m much more of a daily shopper. I hit Wholefoods, Trader Joes or the Farmers Market for all my goodies. I’m a bargain shopper so I don’t care if I go to a few places as long as what I’m getting is Organic and great quality.

Favourite shake recipe and why?

My favourite simple shake: Coffee → Almond Milk → Peanut or Almond Butter→Vanilla or Chocolate Vegan Neat → Banana → BlueBerries

If you need a whole day’s worth of meals in this one blender: Almond Milk, Frozen banana, blueberries, dates, cashews, chocolate protein, cannelini beans, and peanut butter.

Give us an easy 30 minutes work out:

I’ll give you an easy no equipment necessary workout and if you hustle you’ll get under 30 minutes just in time for your post workout protein shake.

Run 600 meters then do 25 air squats.

Run 800 meters then do 25 pushups.

Run 1200 meters and do 25 burpees.

Run 300 meters and walking lunge back to start (300m).

Being so busy, what do you do to relax and why is it important to take time for yourself?

I walk my dogs. I really like them, I think they are fun to hang out with and I don’t always bring them to the gym so when I am home and don’t have much going on we go for long walks. (There’s 3 so it’s always interesting.) Plus, they don’t talk or text so it’s nice to just be quiet.

Lastly, why is being a Neat Ambassador important to you?

I think it’s really.. for lack of a better word… neat! What Lee and Charlie are creating. I am honored to help spread the word. I think entrepreneurship is really cool and I am super happy I can do my part to support my friend through something that I love.

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