Essential Supplements For Men's Health

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With the average American eating upwards of 3,500 calories a day, the nation is definitely eating enough food, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our bodies have what they need to function well. With high-stress, hectic lifestyles, paired with the ease of high calorie, nutrient-lacking, processed foods, many are actually deficit in some of the most essential vitamins and minerals.

A personal approach to supplementation is key, but there are a few essentials - especially for active men - that will help you get started...

Essential Supplements For Men | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Vitamin D

The majority of our Vitamin D intake comes from sun exposure rather than food, so for those with office jobs or who live in grey climates, supplementation is crucial. It helps to maintain strong bones, boosts brain health and even lowers inflammation. For men, vitamin D3 in particular is needed to produce enough testosterone. 


Whey Protein

When you exercise, you're breaking down muscle, which needs to be replenished with protein to repair and grow. Make sure you've got everything you need to recover well by considering a whey protein supplement. Why choose whey protein? It's bio-availability can't be beaten, thanks to its origin from milk. The majority of fat and lactose has been filtered out, so it's ready to be used for muscle protein synthesis as soon as it hits your stomach.

Avoiding dairy? Try a vegan protein blend instead. It's made from hemp & pea protein, so you can rest easy knowing you're still getting all the essential amino acids your body needs.



Found in nuts, seeds, dark green veggies and legumes, magnesium helps with calcium absorption, and therefore bone health. It's also needed to maintain the health of your muscles, including (crucially!) your heart, and can help with sleep too. A good multi-vitamin should have you covered if you're struggling to get enough. 


Vitamin K

Heart disease is the no.1 cause of death amongst adult men in the US, so getting enough vitamin K is key. It's role helps to prevent the killer disease, and helps with blood clotting too - important stuff!


Omega 3’s

Omega 3's help keep blood pressure and triglyceride levels low, meaning they also help improve your risk of developing heart disease. For those who want a plant-based alternative, try a supplement made from algae, or pile flaxseed, chia and kale on your plate. 

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