Eight Ways To Spend More Time Outside

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Undoubtedly, spending time outside is good for our health. Many studies show it to fight fatigue, lower blood pressure, boost productivity and even improve mental health. But does that mean for those of us who spend 10 hours a day working in an office?

Luckily, we've got some great hacks to help you spend more time in the great outdoors, even with a hectic job: 

Eight Tips For Spending More Time Outside | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Make The Most Out Of Your Lunch Break

When work is crazy busy (when is it not?) you've got to utilise any opportunity to get outside, no matter how small. Leaving the office at lunch is a great non-negotiable. Take a 15 - 20 minute walk or simply stop to eat lunch outside on warm days. 


Take Internal Meetings, Outside

Your international board members might not want to dial into a meeting in the park, but it's a great suggestion for internal weekly catch ups. Sitting outside will boost your productivity and the change of scenery might spark some needed creativity. Got a call booked in? Walk and talk!


Change Your Commute

We know it’s a clichéd suggestion, but utilising your commute is one of the best ways to spend more time outside. If you can, avoid driving and hop on your bike or get off public transport early for bit of walking time outside.   


Run Club > Gym Session

If you're spending 3/4 of your day in the office, don't spend all your free time inside too. Swap your AM cardio workout in the gym for an outdoor session. Just grab a skipping rope, pull together a no-equipment circuit or head out for a jog. Get a friend to join you or head out with a local run club if you struggle to stay accountable. 


Post Work Picnic

Whilst the weather's nice, swap overcrowded bars for a picnic in the park! Fresh air and vitamin D = a surefire way to release any mounting work stresses.


Upgrade Your Afternoon Coffee Break

If you can take a break to gossip in the kitchen, you can pop your coffee in a keep cup and take the chat outside. Even just 5-10 minutes to walk around the block will help to improve your mood and boost productivity mid-afternoon.


Maximise Your Weekend

Sure, you might be contractually chained to being inside 5 days a week, but that still leaves you 2 to explore! Put down the tv remote and make the most of your freedom - explore a new neighbourhood, meet a friend for a bike ride or walk and talk with a coffee. You'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated when Monday morning rolls around. 


Make It A Habit

The hardest part about spending more time outside? Making any of these tips stick long-term. Try to just pick a couple that you think seem achievable and try to dedicate yourself to them until it becomes second nature (excuse the pun!). Set an alarm or mark it in your calendar if you need to. 

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