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Daily life can get so crazy that looking after ourselves often falls to the bottom of our to do lists. If you feel like you have zero time for yourself, you need to reflect on what and who you're currently valuing - so you're wasting less of your precious time on commitments and people that don't make you happy! To help you get started, here's a couple of great ideas for carving out more time for yourself when you're already feeling stretched to the max... 

Create More Time For Yourself | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


No, we don't mean cleaning the house (although it's still pretty important)! De-clutter your commitments and relationships to make sure you're only giving your time to things and people you really enjoy. Write a list of everything, and cross off everything and everyone that doesn't bring you joy and add value to your life. 


Learn to say no

It's simple in theory, but hard to practice! A lot of us are hard wired to be people pleasers, and we often worry that saying no will make us disliked. But saying no doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you respect yourself and your precious time! If you struggle to say no:

  • Be polite, but direct e.g. “Thank you, but no I can’t”

  • Don’t lie about why you can't do something - it will make you feel guilty, and most people will be appreciative of your honesty. 

  • Don’t say “I’ll think about it”, or “I’ll see if I can make it”. You're dragging out the situation and only bringing yourself more stress. 


Find your essentials 

Which things on your list are essential to your happiness and wellbeing? Once you’ve established these things, make them non-negotiable no matter how hectic life gets - whether that's a fortnightly date night, going to see a therapist once a month, or getting to the gym everyday. Whatever works for you, remember prioritising self-care ain’t selfish!


What’s your morning routine?

A morning routine is a really easy way to make sure your day starts of on a positive note. This doesn’t have to be too complicated - just pick a few simple things you enjoy. Try journaling, listening to a podcast or audio book whilst getting ready, a five-minute meditation, stretching or taking the time to have coffee with your partner - the possibilities are never-ending!


How do you get snoozing?

Similar to the above, an evening routine is also a great opportunity to take some me time! Choose one simple thing - such as a quick evening walk or 15 minutes of reading before bed. Your brain will relax when you take some time to do something you love. 


Make the most of your lunch breaks 

How do you spend your lunch breaks? If you eat at your desk, or whilst mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, you might need to rethink how you can make this time more worthwhile! We need to take breaks from work in order to recharge our brains - making us more productive and efficient in the afternoon. Try to get up from your work space and take some time to actually enjoy your food! 


Weekends are for YOU, not work

If you work a Monday to Friday job, make sure you savour the weekends and make them about you! Turn off your email notifications and spend time with people that bring out the best in you. Maybe you can finally try out that activity or go on that beach trip you've been talking about all year long! 


Unplug and be present  

Be conscious about how much time you spend on your tech. Put down your phone during dinner, and try to avoid your phone being the first and last thing you look at everyday. It's important to be present and put away your electronics, especially when taking some time for yourself or with the people you love – your mental wellbeing will seriously thank you! 

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