Can't Stand The Treadmill? You Need These Tips

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We're always in awe of anyone who manages to hit the treadmill or longer than 20 minutes. We love running, but there's nothing that feels longer than a treadmill minute... except maybe a microwave minute! But sometimes when we're travelling abroad or a storm is brewing, it's the only option for checking off those training miles. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do to make your session a little less dull... 

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Keep it Short 

If you can, work your training schedule so that you can do your quicker, shorter runs on the treadmill and your longer runs outdoors. No-one wants to have to push out 10+ miles on a treadmill! 


Play with Speed

Being stuck inside is a great excuse to prioritise speed work. Alternate full out sprints with rest sets until you’re left feeling completely fatigued. Or do a pyramid-style session, mixing up your temp as you climb up to a sprint and back down to a job. It'll have a huge impact on your sprint finish when race day comes around. 


Add in Some Hills

Likewise, another great way to mix things up is to mix up the incline. If you really want to push yourself, mix the two together and do 15-20 rounds of 30-second hill sprints. We're not going to pretend it won't cause you a world of pain, but at least you won’t be bored!


Get Hooked on Netflix

If you’ve got no choice but to slog out a steady paced training run, distraction is our best advice! Use the opportunity to catch up on the latest series of Queer Eye, plug in our energy-boosting running playlist or get lost in an audiobook thriller. 


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