Can You Pre-Mix A Protein Shake?

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This is another question we get asked a lot at Neat. Is there anything harmful about pre-mixing your protein shake? No, but it's probably not a good idea either.

By mixing your protein powder with a liquid, the protein will start to break down into amino acids - which means it's ready to replenish your body and refuel our muscles. This won't have an impact on the protein content, but it does mean it's unlikely to taste fresh.

Can You Pre Mix a Protein Shake or Smoothie? | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Have you ever discovered a forgotten protein shaker at the bottom of your gym bag? If so, you'll know that it doesn't smell too great, which is why we always think a fresh protein shake is best! If you're mixing your shake with water after your workout, the best time to consume it is within 30 minutes of your workout. There's no need to pre-mix your shake as it couldn't be easier to grab a single-serve sachet of whey or vegan protein, add some water, shake and drink. Your post-workout shake can be ready in seconds! 

If you're on-the-go but prefer to refuel with something more satiating, like a post-workout smoothie, there are a couple of ways to help you prep this in advance whilst still getting a fresh-tasting shake! Make it the night before using frozen fruit, and keep it in the refrigerator overnight so it's still chilled when you get to work the next morning. Or if you're at home, simply bag up your smoothie ingredients and keep them pre-portioned in the freezer. It'll take you less than 5 minutes to add to a blender with your favourite milk or juice, and a sachet or protein powder. 

Yes, there are plenty of ready to drink protein shakes you could buy from the grocery store, but these also come with added sugars, preservatives and fillers. Here at Neat, we like to keep things simple and fresh - no unnecessary extras. Which is exactly why we created our handy single-serving sachets – so you can still refuel right on-the-go with minimal fuss!

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