Back To Work? Here's How To Skip The Post-Vacation Blues

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There’s nothing worse than the sudden sense of dread that hits as soon as you step off the plane, returning home after a blissful week of vacation. Days spent soaking up the sun with a good book are suddenly a distant memory as responsibilities and an overflowing inbox smack you in the face. If you’re heading back to the office with a serious case of post-vacation blues, here's the top tips to make the transition just a little bit easier... 

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A Buffer Day

Going straight from the airport to your first meeting is never a good idea. Especially for those who live in big cities, it takes a little while to go from island time, back to urban time! We know vacation days are precious, but booking an extra day off to give you time to unpack, sleep and chill out, is the best thing you can do to ease the shock of reality.


Make Fun Plans

On vacation, the hardest decision you need to make is usually which bar or beach-side restaurant to hit every evening, so coming back to work, bills and chores is unsurprisingly depressing. Make some fun plans to look forward to so life doesn't seem that bad!. Arrange to catch up with friends over dinner, or plan a fun Saturday adventure to motivate you through the first week back.


Find The Joy In Routine

Vacations are amazing, but it's also great to get back to the parts of your normal routine that you really enjoy - good, healthy food, your favourite workout class or fun hobby. When you’ve had some time away, you’ll likely find a new appreciation for the routine you often take for granted.


Hack Jetlag

Zero sleep is a recipe for irritability, which is why jet lag is often the biggest cause of post-vacation blues. Our top tips? Steer clear of booze and coffee when travelling home and after, and resist the urge to nap until a normal time of the day. It might take a little while to adjust to your new time zone, so try to take it easy!


Get Organised

Use some of your buffer day or time travelling to get organised and relieve some of that mounting pressure. Sift through your inbox in a pressure-free environment, or just plan out your meals and agenda for the week. No-one wants to be dealing with an unmanageable inbox and unpaid bills on their first day back in the office. 


Stop Comparing 

Avoid scrolling through other people’s exciting trips and comparing your normal life to their adventures. It's good to remember these are just highlights of people's lives, and YOU were that annoying person just a week ago! Sometimes it's best to unplug and avoid your Instagram feed for a while... 

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