Are You Making One Of These Common Protein Shake Mistakes?

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With so much confusing (and often wrong!) information out there, the world of supplements can seem confusing. We want to simplify things and make your active nutrition easier than ever, so today, we're busting some of the most common mistakes made when having a protein shake... 

Common Protein Shake Mistakes | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


You're Putting Powder in First

It's a simple but important tip! By putting the liquid in first, you’ll find it much easier and quicker to mix up your shake, meaning you can enjoy a smooth drink in seconds. After all, no-one wants to find a lump of protein powder stuck to the bottom of their shaker... 


You're Making Things Complicated

Don't make things harder than they need to be by making things overly complicated post-workout. To refuel well, you don't need a million different superfoods and supplements. For the speediest refuel going, just grab a sachet of one of our all-natural, protein powders and mix with 400ml of water or milk. Or for something more filling, stick with the ratio of: 1 portion of frozen fruit + 1 portion of veg + 1 sachet of protein + 400ml milk. Easy!

Need inspiration? Check out our smoothie recipes here. 


You’re Jumping The Gun

Downing your post-workout shake whilst gasping for breath and dripping in sweat? Whilst it won't do you much harm, it's best to wait until you feel a little more settled - we promise it won't make your hard work go to waste! Sure, drinking your shake within about 30 minutes is ideal, but don't stress too much about a few minutes. Just make sure you’ve refuelled properly (focusing on a getting a good dose of protein & carbs) within a couple of hours of your session. 


You’re Throwing A Blind Eye

Have you paid much attention to the ingredients in your protein powder? A lot of supplements on the market have a lengthy list, filled with unnecessary sweeteners, fillers and additives. We prefer to focus on only the best, all-natural ingredients to create our whey and vegan protein powders. What you fuel your body with is going to impact the outcome after all.


You’re Skipping Meals

A protein shake is described as a supplement for a reason - it's not a meal replacement! If you want to make progress, you need to make sure you are giving your body the fuel it needs to repair. A simple shake is great post-workout to help your muscles begin this process, but not instead of eating a balanced lunch. 

You can find heaps of post-workout meals to enjoy by checking out our recipe index...


You’re Ignoring Your Gut

Possibly the most important advice we could give, would be to always listen to your body. For example, do you usually feel better when you avoid eating dairy? Then maybe you should switch your whey protein for our vegan blend. Made from hemp & pea, it's allergen-friendly, but still contains all the amino acids your body needs. 

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