7 Things That Could Be Hindering Your Running Progress

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Confused at why your next run PB doesn't feel like it's getting any closer? Don’t give up all hope just yet; you might be making one of these 7 common mistakes and hindering your progress... 

7 Things That Could Be Hindering Your Running Progress | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You. 

Lacking Training Structure

When you're a beginner, progress tends to come thick, fast and without too much effort. But once you're a regular runner, often that dreaded plateau hits. This is when you need to have a cleverly-structured training plan, which promotes small, weekly progressions and mixes up your pace and distances. Running the same 3 mile route every week isn't going to push you to your limits.



It sounds obvious when you think about it, but to make progress you need to be consistently working at it – not just running when you feel like it. As with any skill, you need to be put in the effort, but we promise the reward will be worth it!


Lack of Cross Training

Getting good at running isn't just about running! A good training plan includes cross-training, ideally plenty of weight lifting to build lean muscle. This will not only prevent injury but will also give your sprints a real power boost! There’s no better way to push up your speeds...


Stretching? Not Important…

Being short on time isn’t an excuse to jump straight in the shower without a good stretch! From helping to prevent injury, to improving mobility and reducing muscle soreness, there’s so many ways that prioritising rehab work could benefit your progress. Head back to the Neat blog tomorrow to read about our essential post-run stretches.


Too Little Rest

We’ve spent the whole month of March talking none-stop about how crucial sleep is, so we probably don’t have to tell you how important proper rest and recovery is for your health and training performance. If you’ve somehow missed this, you can read more about the relationship between sleep and exercise performance, here. It might make you rethink that 5am wake up call... 


No Gear, No Idea

The joy of running is that it requires little equipment or fancy gear, but it does help to get some good-quality, basic kit. As anyone who has tried to jog in converse will know having proper activewear can be massively impactful on your performance! Focus on getting a good, supportive pair of trainers with plenty of bounce and some comfortable running leggings or shorts that don’t fall down or rub. 


Not Fuelling Up

We've said it a million times before, and we'll keep saying it until people learn that you really do need to fuel your training! Proper nutrition pre and post workout can have a massive effect on your progress. Take things up a gear with some smart supplementation - here's our top tips to supercharge your running performance.

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