5 things To Get Back On Track After A Big Weekend

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Whether it was a big birthday party, city break or just casual Friday night drinks that turned into a two-day bender, there’s nothing worse than feeling the effects of a big weekend come Monday morning. You already know the things you SHOULD have done: drank more water, not mixed your liquor, probably stopped after that fifth drink… but it’s too late for that. We’re not here to tell you what you should have done or that it wasn’t great for your health – you guys are smart enough to know that already. But what we are here to do is to help you feel back to your best!

Get Back On Track After A Big Weekend | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.


Don’t Go Extreme

Trust us, embarking on a super restrictive detox or low-calorie diet will only leave you hungry, tired, irritated and probably have you face-planting an epic takeout after day 2. Do yourself a favour and stick to the 6 below tips instead, to increase the benefits you gain in the long run.


Water, Water & More Water!

We know it’s boring, but after a weekend of alcohol and greasy, super salty foods, your insides are probably feeling like the Sahara Desert right now. Drinking plenty of water will not only rehydrate your body but will also help to flush out those excess toxins and will give your dodgy digestion a boost. 


Get Your ZZZ’s

We go on about sleep All.The.Time, - but for good reason! If you’ve been up all night on a bender, you’ve probably not got your 8 hours sleep. The best way to feel back on track is to give your body the best recovery time it can have – during good quality sleep. Struggle to catch your 20 winks? Check out our sleep tips from our friends at eve sleep, here. 


Keep Things Simple

You don’t need to add a million superfoods to your diet to get your health mojo back. In fact, what your body needs is simple, high quality foods, that are a mix of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich veggies and carbs. Try to avoid too many processed foods or high-sugar snacks, and instead strip back mealtimes to give your body the break it needs.


Ease Back In

Moving your body will do it the world of good, but our top tip would be to ease back in. A tonne of alcohol and zero sleep is quite a lot of stress to put on your body, so an intense gym session is probably not a great idea. Start with a yoga class, bodyweight circuit or gentle run to get yourself in a better headspace and your body feeling fresher, without killing yourself off. 


Steer Clear Of The Bar

We’re all for little and often rather than a go big or go home mentality, but after a particularly big weekend, skipping mid-week drinks (or just choosing something non-alcoholic) is a smart idea. Adding more alcohol into the mix will only slow down your recovery time, and will do zero favours for your health, mind or performance.

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