3 Benefits & How To Use CBD Oil

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Once reserved for hippies and rebellious college students, cannabis has become a hot topic in the world of wellness. But we're not talking the smoking variety; CBD oil might be derived from the same cannabis plant, but only contains very small traces of THC - the compound that makes you high - and is known to ease anxiety, sleep difficulties and provide pain relief. 

Of course, as with many alternative supplements, CBD will effect different people in different ways, and the quality can vary wildly between sources. But find a reputable product and there's a whole host of benefits you could find... 

CBD Oil: The Benefits | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.  

Anxiety & Stress

Smoking cannabis might be associated with major paranoia, but that's mostly down to the THC. CBD on the other hand has actually shown the opposite, with studies showing that a high-quality hemp can decrease the amount of stress hormones visible in the body and is linked to reduced feelings of anxiety.   



More research is needed in this area, but it's thought that a small dosage of CBD can help keep your circadian rhythm consistent, improving your quality of sleep and reducing daytime fatigue... without needing 6 cups of coffee! However it also should be considered that better sleep could in fact be a by-product of addressing the anxiety and stress that often causes sleep disorders. 


Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief

For those who suffer with chronic pain, one of the most exciting benefits of CBD is how it can help ease inflammation and pain. There's been multiple studies looking specifically at it's impact on arthritis, and has shown positive effect throughout, without nasty side effects.

CBD Smoothie Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

How can you incorporate CBD into your day? Our experience with most brands of CBD is that they taste a little like grass, so we’ve added it to a tasty protein smoothie recipe instead! Much better... 

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